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I asked for $5 dollars and would accept $3…

OK – As you may know by now, I’m trying to get rid of my “excess” items that I’ve gathered over years of good, healthy consumerism (see “I have too much stuff…”). Today I posted a small child’s item on craigslist to get rid of a rarely used toy. I quickly received a response from a lady who said she was between jobs and didn’t have much money. She countered my asking price by offering me $3 and a few mangos (mangos are in season right now so everyone has too many here…).

About the time that I decided to reply to this lady, I received two more offers to give me the $5. I thought that it’s foolish of me not to give it to this lady who says she has little money and a young 2 1/2 year old daughter who would really love to have the learning toy.

OK, OK… I’m not worried about the $2, so I “did the right thing”… I accepted her offer of $3 + mangos and told her that I’d drive the toy to work tomorrow since it’s only a couple miles from where she lives. She’d only have to drive 2 miles to pick up the toy (rather than 12 miles). I felt good about giving something that we don’t use very often to someone who would really use and like it. Even though we already have more mangos than we can eat, I’ll share the mangos with people at work. Done. Right? Nope.

About an hour or two later, I get another note from the lady. This note says that she checked her purse and has no cash at all. She also asked if I could drop the toy off at her house and she’d give me 10 mangos (in lieu of the cash). At this point, I have now received 2 more offers to purchase (and presumably pick up) the toy. I’m torn… Am I supposed to turn down 4 good offers so I can drive to this lady’s house and give her the toy for some mangos?

OK. OK. I think I know what I should do… but…

Here’s the thing – If she didn’t have any money, why was she looking in the “for sale” section of craigslist? It seems like she should only look in the “free” section, doesn’t it? Also – Instead of her coming by my office, I’m now supposed to go to her home? That’s not the way it normally works. Usually people come get the items they want.

I can here you right now… You’re thinking this poor woman has children, no job, no car, no money, etc… What’s the big deal about asking me to drive the toy on over there and just drop it off and leave, right?

Well – my answer to that is…. “nothing”. Tomorrow I’m going to drop off the toy for free. I’ll only take the mangos if she insists. I do feel like it’s possible that she’s a better haggler than I. Perhaps she’s done this to several “kind” people on craigslist? In the end, it doesn’t matter. I’m trying to “de-clutter” my home. She’s helping me to just that.

So there you have it. You now know what I did (or will do).

I’m curious – What would you do?



PS: I’m really getting rid of stuff. Check out my Progress Report!

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