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I have way too much “stuff” – Too many things…

OK – How do you know if you have too much stuff? Is it when you can only put one car in your two car garage? Perhaps that’s only if you’re lucky enough to have a two car garage! What about when you have a 3 bedroom house and one bedroom is dedicated to stuff! Is that too much? OK – You’re lucky to have 3 bedrooms instead of only one or two (or none!).

Bottom line – I’m parting with “stuff”. I have way too much. Perhaps one day I could use one of everything that I have, but I can honestly say that I don’t use 90% of things that I do have!

I recently read a blog posting that said something about living on 100 things. Shazam! I have 100 things in some of my drawers! You won’t catch me trying to live with only 100 possessions, but you are witness to my desire to reduce the number of “things” in my life.

Right now, I probably have 200 – 300 things on my desk. Pens, CDs, stapler, printers, monitor, keyboard, speakers, etc… It’s pretty out of control. That’s just the important things! What about my spare keys drawer? What about my rubber bands drawer? What about my sock drawer? The lights in my home… The paper clip jar, etc… For sure it goes on and on and on…

I have way too much. I have children’s belongings that they no longer use. I have flying paraphernalia that I no longer use. It’s all here and should be “there”.

OK – In addition to trying to make some more physical space in my life, I’m also advocating reuse. If things aren’t being used by me, I should pass things along to those who might use them. It minimizes my “foot print” on the earth by distributing the overall impact of my consumption.

Sorry if it sounds complicated. It is, but it isn’t. I have too much stuff and I’m getting rid of much of it! My intention is to have a report of some type that displays what I get rid of and how it benefited others.

Do you have too much stuff?

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