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Driving to work isn’t so bad…

This morning, I was driving to work and my “little” brother calls me to ask what I was doing.  I replied “Driving to work”.  He laughed and said “What?”.  It wasn’t that he didn’t hear what I had said.  He wanted me to hear it.  Not seeing his point, I said once again “Driving to work”.

When I realized that he was saying, I also realized that driving to work isn’t so bad.  What was bad however, was driving to a job that doesn’t get me excited.  Just because a job pays the bills doesn’t imply that the job is exciting or makes me happy.

So – Today I realized that driving to work isn’t so bad.  While I’d love to eliminate the need to commute > 2 hours each day, the drive is not as bad as the destination!  I could see driving twice as far to arrive where I’m “supposed to be” each day…  Now – Where am I supposed to be?

Hmmm.  Perhaps I’ll see tomorrow’s commute through a different lens…?  :-)



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